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Redefining the future of the fashion retail industry
Constance Chassany, Head of Production
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Asphalte is a start-up clothing brand based 100% online. The company is at the crossroads of two great worlds: the fashion world - since they make clothes to best on the market, and the start-up world - as they think, live and organise themselves in a dynamic & fast-paced manner.

The inception point for each product is a questionnaire that Asphalte sends to their community. Asphalte asks for their ideas and feedback to create the most durable products possible. Their goal is for each garment to last for generations. Their style is classic. They are also inspired by what they find in second-hand clothes and old fashion books.
They are particularly inspired by the Anglo-Saxon style: raw & strong.

Asphalte & Fairly Made®

Asphalte has taken a stand against the problematic textile industry by asking Fairly Made® to assess the environmental and social impact of its entire collection. This is both a transparency approach towards their customers and a way to discover areas of improvement for their future productions.

“We were surprised to discover that our small conventional cotton pockets had a big impact on an otherwise organic cotton product, so we changed them! ”

Fairly Made® provides Asphalte with an assessment of all its suppliers and all of its products components so they are fully aware of their impact on the world! With 70 products analyzed today, we have built an efficient data gathering system with Asphalte's suppliers, which feeds our studies and their platform.

What has Fairly Made® brought to Asphalte?
“Fairly made® provides me with a 360° view on our suppliers and products, which allows me to make the best decisions and share each product story with our customers.”

— Constance Chassany, Head of production

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