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Impact & Production

Des Petits Hauts

Born with the aim of offering ethereal and sustainable fashion pieces
Clotilde Chanard, Production & Purchasing Manager
Des Petits Hauts
Favorite feature:
Validation and state of certificates
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Favorite feature:
Validation and state of certificates
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Des Petits Hauts is the story of two sisters who joined forces to create collections in their own image, sensitive, creative and colorful.

It all began in 2000, when they began fabricating soft, stylish tops with original prints. The idea was to create beautiful products from beautiful materials that make all the difference. A universe of softness and style!

A rack of clothes from Des Petits Hauts
Des Petits Hauts & Fairly Made®

An enduring collaboration with the production of several Des Petits Hauts x Fairly Made® capsule collections.

Des Petits Hauts x Fairly Made® have collaborated on committed and responsible capsule collections with a transparent & humanly committed manufacturing processes, sustainable materials and products that respect the people and the planet.

Products from Des Petits Hauts and Fairly Made® collaboration

As an extension of the work carried out with Fairly Made® with the imminent arrival of environmental labelling, the brand has begun to investigate on the traceability and impact measurement of their products to better understand their footprint.

Product sheet with the QR Code

Fairly Made® analysis the social and environmental life cycle of the collections: both in terms of materials and factories.

For the past 3 seasons, Des Petits Hauts has displayed on their website on their website, on certain product sheets :

  • the certifications of the factories they work with (social impact)
  • the environmental impact (water consumption, energy impact and carbon footprint)
Garment label traced by Fairly Made® with scanable QR code

“Knowing our suppliers better allows us to accurately improve our production chains.”

— Clotilde Chanard, Production & Purchasing Manager

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