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• Case study

SMCP - Sandro - Maje - Claudie Pierlot

Transcending regulatory boundaries: going beyond compliance
Jean Loez - Maje, Kamel Bouanani - Claudie Pierlot, Vincent Breaud - Sandro
SMCP - Sandro - Maje - Claudie Pierlot
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The story of the collaboration between SMCP and Fairly Made® is an exciting and inspiring one: an ambitious project, a tailored solution and visible results on many fronts. Wishing to progress in terms of traceability, the French group went beyond the obligations of the AGEC law, committing itself to the effort of tracing its products back to the raw material.
This is a complex mission that requires customized support from experts who have extensive knowledge of the challenges of large-scale textile production.
Let's focus on one of our long-standing customers to understand how our experts accompany this large group towards the knowledge of its supplier base.

One of SMCP's products analyzed by Fairly Made®


Driven by a desire to have a more complete understanding of its supplier base, the SMCP group aims to go even deeper than what the AGEC Law calls for. What is the group's ambition? Full traceability of its collections, even on large scale production.


A team of experts who understand the challenges of textile production are the key to engaging suppliers in this project. The result? Increasingly rapid and accurate responses from suppliers.


SMCP now has the unique opportunity to be completely transparent with end-consumers. For the group, the communication module offered by Fairly Made® represents a chance to save time to make strategic decisions.

This collaboration allows the group to define and achieve its traceability goals:

  • 28% of the collection traced today  
  • 40% of the collection planned for the end of 2023  
  • 100% of the collection by 2025

"I am very positively surprised at
the effect our project with Fairly Made® has had on our customers,
who appreciate our move
toward transparency."

— Isabelle Guichot, CEO of SMCP

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