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• Case study

The Kooples

AGEC law as a springboard to strengthen CSR
Claire Barrabé - Purchasing, Supply Chain and Production Director
The Kooples
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Aware of the CSR challenges facing the industry, The Kooples has taken the requirement of the AGEC law as a valuable opportunity to get to know its suppliers better. Explore The Kooples' journey with us to leverage regulations to bolster its Corporate Social Responsibility. Discover how this partnership paved the way for a new level of sustainability, helping the brand align with environmental regulations and consumer expectations.


Facing the imminent AGEC law, The Kooples sought a comprehensive solution to enhance traceability, ensuring compliance and a more global view of its supply chain. The brand had already assessed its carbon footprint, outlining a roadmap for conformity and fostering transparency in production.


Through close collaboration with suppliers and the implementation of data collection by our teams, the brand successfully laid a robust foundation for heightened factory engagement and a stronger commitment to transparency.

A The Kooples product analyzed by Fairly Made®️


The collaborative efforts bore fruit, tripling the known supplier count within a year of partnering with Fairly Made®️. Remarkably, 90% of The Kooples' products now align with AGEC regulations, each equipped with a personalized product sheet, a valuable asset for compliance and enhanced customer trust. Notably, Fairly Made®️ has been able to analyze four of The Kooples' collections : almost 1,000 products!

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