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• Case study


A sustainable future: harnessing the power of smart sourcing
Julie Hamadouche, Sustainability Manager
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The encounter between ba&sh and Fairly Made® was like an eco-conscious love affair! Through our fruitful collaboration, ba&sh swiftly analyzed 300 products, and we proudly aim for 1000 products by the end of 2024. Their transparent dedication to suppliers and passion for smart sourcing open doors to a sustainable and responsible future. This is just the beginning of an ethical fashion journey filled with sustainability!

Product traced and measured by Fairly Made®


The desire to map its supplier base to obtain precise information both on the factories and on the impact of its production. Having been mindful of CSR for an extended period, ba&sh pursued a solution to extend its endeavors, propel its CSR strategy forward, and explore sourcing origins more deeply.

This chance offers a valuable means to fortify relationships with partner factories and embolden them toward responsible pathways. Lifecycle assessment, a novel territory for the brand, aligns with its Blossom philosophy, aspiring to comprehend and enhance its social and environmental impact.


Supplier mapping to develop a network of committed, certified factories. Starting with 30 flagship items, Fairly Made® facilitated onboarding with both brand and suppliers. Despite increased analysis, traceability scores remained stable, reflecting efforts to engage suppliers transparently.

Introducing multi-criteria analysis and environmental scores, Fairly Made® enabled a more precise product evaluation. The partnership's success led ba&sh to set ambitious traceability goals.


An understanding of its supply chain that facilitates strategic smart sourcing and transparent communication to build customer loyalty. Ba&sh's collaboration with Fairly Made® has expanded its supplier network, enhancing transparency and understanding of production.

This collaboration has enabled ba&sh to communicate transparently on product origin and conditions, building consumer and moving towards AGEC law compliance and environmental labeling preparation.

Traceability of a ba&sh jacket

This collaboration allows the group to define and achieve ambitious traceability goals:

  • 400 products analyzed by end 2023
  • 1000 products analyzed by end 2024

An enhanced knowledge of suppliers:

  • Increased knowledge of suppliers: 4-fold with each new study wave
  • 10-fold increase in overall supplier knowledge

"Fairly Made®️ is a turnkey solution for committing our suppliers to sustainability. For our customers, it represents a privileged means of communicating with even greater transparency, and of discussing our CSR challenges."

— Julie Hamadouche, Sustainability Manager, ba&sh

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