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Setting the bar high on traceability and impact measurement
Céline Altermatt, Apparel Quality Coordinator
Saint Jean De Moirans
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Rossignol and Fairly Made®️ have teamed up to shine a spotlight on the origins and impact of products. Kicking off with the Spring-Summer 2023 collection, this dynamic collaboration sets out to boost transparency. With QR codes available in-store and soon online, customers are able to uncover the stories behind each piece and make choices that matter. Rossignol is setting the bar high, aiming for total transparency on all products by 2025. The future of fashion is already here!

Example of a comprehensive analysis by Fairly Made®

Rossignol's collaboration with Fairly Made®️ addresses the need for a better understanding of product origin, manufacturing as well as social and environmental impacts. The brand aims to align with its commitment to improving impact and desires to extend this focus to its textile segment. Rossignol seeks to gain a comprehensive view of its products' lifecycle, improve production processes and engage partners on such important matters.


Thanks to a thorough multi-criteria lifecycle assessment, Fairly Made®️'s experts have retraced the production chain of the 150 pieces in Rossignol's Spring-Summer 2023 collection all the way to the raw material. This effort aims to enhance transparency regarding manufacturing conditions, as well as the social and environmental aspects of both materials and factories.


Teaming up with Fairly Made®️, Rossignol notches up transparency and a fuller grasp of its products' life cycle. The alliance sharpens production processes and spurs partners to take an active role in tackling environmental and social issues. The Spring-Summer 2023 collection features QR codes that empower consumers to access the product's story, promoting informed choices. This team effort supports Rossignol in meeting the requirements of Article 13 from the AGEC law.

Fairly Made®️ QR code on a Rossignol label

The project's success paves the way for continued assessments, aiming for 100% traceability across Rossignol's products by 2025!

"With Fairly Made’s help, we’ve been able to improve the standards in our supply chain throughout our Spring-Summer 2023 Collection, and bring into the open everything from raw material usage to the social and environmental impacts of every factory used within that chain."

- Rossignol on the brand's website

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