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• Case study

M. Moustache

Crafting timeless footwear elegance: exploring M. Moustache's journey
Thibault Repelin, Co-Founder
M. Moustache
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M.Moustache is a french shoe in full expansion, Its products are designed to be worn by all and for all occasions!

To make quality products, the brand relies on the best know-how. That is why 90% of its collection is made in Portugal and the sneakers are made in the leading producing country, China. The brand's secret is to vary the colors and materials, and to surprise with unexpected products or revisit the greatest classics!

For some time now, they asked themselves questions about the impact of their activity on the environment and on people. That's why they launched the Enco[re] in March 2019, a recycling program that aims to recycle all your used pairs, regardless of their brand. Now they want to go even further, with one motto: do things right, to create products that do good. That is why they contacted Fairly Made® to analyse their products!

"Thanks to Fairly Made®, we know the traceability and the impacts of our products. It's a great pride for the whole team who has been working for 2 years to set up the Enco[re] project."

M. Moustache & Fairly Made®

M.Moustache asked Fairly Made® to assess the environmental impact of its main products to see where they stand. To do so, Fairly Made® analyzed the traceability of all components and gathered technical information from their suppliers on different supply chains.

Fairly Made® worked on the european and asian supply chains and delivered, via its B2C platform, valuable data on each product and each collection.  All of the data (traceability, environmental impacts and social impacts) empowers M.Moustache to monitor new KPIs and communicate key informations and objectives with their customers. In an eco-design spirit, M.Moustache also asked to study potential materials for their future collections to choose the right one, for the customers and for the planet!

What has Fairly Made® brought to M.Moustache?
"Fairly Made® allowed us to make an informed choice when sourcing eco-friendly materials for
our new collections!"

— Thibault Repelin, Co-Founder

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